Q: Why is my credit card transaction showing up as Trevco?

A: Suburban Riot is a subsidiary of Trevco. All credit card transactions will show up as Trevco as it's the parent company

Q: One of my items is damaged and I need a replacement/refund, who do I contact?

A: First point of contact is your sales rep (Ilene Oren, Uncommon Fashion, Lakestreet Showroom). If you do not know your sales rep or are unable to reach them, contact us at: customerservice@suburbanriot.com

Q: Can I get specialized/custom order?

A: Yes, if you'd like to order an existing design but a different silhouette, email: info@suburbanriot.com

Q: I have just placed an order, when will my items be shipped?

A: Orders will typically ship within 7-10 business days after being placed, stock permitting. If there reason for an order not to ship within that timeframe, our customer service team will notify you of the delay.


All other inquiries, please email: customerservice@suburbanriot.com