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Never Bored
Never Bored

Ignore the rules

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From the office - to the gym - to the road trip - we make clothes that you want to wear over and over and over again.

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Sub_Urban Riot was born in 2006 in Venice, California.

Two college friends realized that the cubicle life wasn’t for them so they quit their corporate day jobs. Following the rules that someone else made up no longer made sense.

Instead of settling for a good life, they decided to go against the grain to pursue a great one. So, at the beginning of the largest financial crisis ever, they risked everything to start a company. A company that would allow them to ignore the rules, have fun and not take themselves too seriously.

10 plus years later, Sub_Urban Riot is a global brand with an appreciation for the absurd and a commitment to re-imagine the good life.

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Appreciate the absurd

We Believe In...

Books, fresh juice, not taking yourself too seriously, dogs and cats living together, standing out from the crowd, kale, not needing permission to begin, daily philosophy, honesty, coffee breaks, positive energy, democracy, farmer’s markets, living better, craft brews, having fun, yoga, breaking rules, camping, SPF 100 sunscreen, croquet battles art shows, and t-shirts.

Start your own riot

& Transparency

We didn’t start Sub_Urban Riot to sell $85 dollar t-shirts. Making expensive shirts just because we can never made sense. We’re not here to buy mansions and Ferraris.

We also didn’t start Sub_Urban Riot to sell $9 dollar t-shirts. $9 t-shirts come at a major cost to others. We prefer to do things the right way so we can sleep in peace at night.

At the core of all we do is democracy, inclusiveness and integrity. That’s why we believe in responsible labor and sourcing practices. Everyday we do all we can to minimize the environmental and human cost of doing business.

Simply put, we started Sub_Urban Riot inspire others to start their own suburban riot.